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Jerry "Gives Back".

Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit that you like to support? Now you can have the opportunity to give to that organization when you refer a client or buy/sell a home through me.

Upon request, I will donate 5% of the proceeds of my commission (up to $500) to the charity or non-profit of your choice or you can select one from the list below. In order to qualify for this, please note the following:

  • Please inform me of your desire to do this at the start of the transaction. As there can often be legal requirements of disclosure and consent with the parties it is essential that you advise me either prior to accepting or writing an agreement or within seven (7) days of acceptance.
  • You may choose a non-profit with a 501(c)3 tax exempt status. I reserve the right; however, to ask for an alternate choice from you should the chosen organization conflict with my business and/or personal preferences/beliefs. (Referring and/or purchase/sell sides can split the 5% evenly to the same or different non-profits)
  • Please provide the name(s) you wish to include along with mine from whom the donation is coming.
  • The donation will be sent to the non-profit within 30 days from the close of escrow. I will provide you proof of completion.

That's as simple as it is! Here are some of the charities and non-profits that I support should you wish to choose one of these:

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San Diego Food Bank

St. Vincent De Paul Village

Mama's Kitchen

Ronald McDonald House

Zoological Society of San Diego

Allied Gardens Little League

The Capita Foundation

San Diego Humane Society

Human Rights Campaign

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